EyeAtProduction – Film The Fault automatically detects your production stops and records a video of what happened before the stop.

The film of the fault shows you directly the relevant seconds of the stop to support your root cause analysis.

Get your production up and running again quickly to save time and money.


Our software solution is compatible with Android Smartphones to make extra hardware redundant.

Via the camera EyeAtProduction – Film the Fault learns the standard movement of the production process in a few minutes.

Mount the smartphone on the critical production process to get an extra pair of eyes on your production.

Use Cases

Repeating Production Stops

The production line has repeating production stops due to an unkown problem
Our solution records a video of every production stop so you find the real stop cause

Retro-Fit - Solution

Equip older machines with our intelligent troubleshooting software

Get data from your machine without needing a connection to a PLC or similar

Automated Production

No operators are working at the machine to monitor potential stops, for example during the night shift

Get an extra pair of eyes on your production to detect faults

Newly Installed machines

Recently installed machines commonly have more troubles in the beginning

Find all potential stop causes to get your new machine to 100% efficiency


Ready to use in 5 minutes

No Integration or Tecnician needed for the Installation

Easy to use

For everyone without Training


Monitor different machines from any angle

Cost Effective

Free to test without upfront investment

Empower Your Employees

The Machine Operator finds the fault quickly and takes action direcetlty to get the machine running again.

The Production Manager solves problem at its origin and improves continously the production efficiency.

The Maintenance Manager identifies the need for maintenance to fix the relevant part of the machines.


We give your organisation the knowledge about their production!

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