Get Started

Only 3 Steps to get started with EyeAtProduction

1. Register with your Email and confirm the Email

2. Install Android App ”EyeAtProduction – Film the Fault”

3. Insert Activation Code in the Application

Register here with your E-Mail

Download the Application here

Or search for “EyeAtProduction – Film the Fault” in the Play Store

Get it on Google Play

Watch our Demonstration video to understand everything about EyeAtProduction and how to use it.

4 more Steps to Film your First Fault

4. Mount the phone on the production line

5. Define the minimum stop time of your production

6. Start recording and learning of the production flow

7. Watch the film of the fault from the list of stop videos

Recommended Phone

EyeAtProduction – Film the Fault is compatible with any Android Smartphone (Version >5.1)

Why are we using a Smartphone?

We want you to get started Fast and Easy

  • No complex installations.

  • Easy to use for everyone.

  • No expensive investment in Hardware.

You have everything we need already in your pocket

  • The camera for recording.

  • The computing power to detect stops.

  • The display to show the stop videos.

Download directly online – Use securely offline

  • Get the latest version in the Playstore.

  • Use the software without internet connection.

  • All files are stored locally on the phone.

We recommened a rugged CAT Smartphone

Ideally we want to utilize the existing phones at your company to avoid extra costs.

If you have rough conditions in your production, we recommend you to use a rugged CATERPILLAR Smartphone model S31, S41 or S61.
  • Robust Case IP68 (& IP69K)

  • Waterproof

  • Dust Proof

  • 8 / 13 / 16 MP Camera

  • 12 / 32 / 64GB Internal Storage

  • Value depending on model
    between 220€ / 360€ / 675€

The recommended Phone Holder

Mount the Smartphone easily on the machine with this magnetic Phone Holder.


Adjust the flexible holder to cover all positions at the machines.
  • Magnetic Holder

  • Robust material

  • Flexible application

  • Compatible to any phone

  • Value 50€

Contact with us and request a free phone holder!

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

  • How does EyeAtProduction work?

The Self-Learning Software recognises the movement of a machine or production line within a few minutes and records a video so that you can directly see what happened when the production stopped.

  • How do I install EyeAtProduction at my production?

You download the Application EyeAtProduction – Film The Fault on any Android Smartphone (Version 5.1 or newer).

Then you need to mount the Smartphone on to your production so that the Smartphone is stable and the camera faces towards the production.

Read more about EyeAtProduction in Practise

  • Which Smartphone should I use for EyeAtProduction?

The Software works on any Android Smartphone (Version 5.1 or newer). We recommend a rugged Smartphone from CAT which is water and dust proof. Contact us and we will provide you with a free phone holder.

Read more about the recommended phone and holder

  • How long can I run the Software continuously?

We recommend to run the Software a maximum of 8 hours straight on the Smartphone to not harm the battery.

Security Questions

  • Are the production videos stored safely?

The videos of your production are stored locally on your smartphone and are not uploaded to any external server or cloud. So your confidential production information is not shared with anyone else but you, not even with us.

It is up to you to share the stop videos with your colleagues inside your organisation via mail or similar media of your choice.

Pricing Questions

  • How much does EyeAtProduction cost and what is the billing period?

The EyeAtProduction subscription costs start with 150 Euro per month or 1.200 Euro per year. The monthly subscription has no minimum subscription period and can be cancelled each month. There is no risk to get started and evaluate the value of EyeAtProduction.

Read more about our Pricing here

  • What is the difference between the Free Demo and the Full Version?

The Free Demo Version allows you to test the software functionality for a maximum of 8 hours. The Full Version you can use an unlimited amount of time.

  • How can I get a 2-weeks Trial for free?

When you sign-up for the EyeAtProduction Full Version you get the first two weeks for free. If you want to continue using EyeAtPriduction the paid subscription period starts afterwards.

Register for the free Trial here

→ If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us!