Positioning to alternatives

Our solution is unique because it combines the benefits of low costs, easy installation and includes intelligence to detect production stops.
Additionally, EyeAtProduction will become more intelligent in future with your feedback and input.

We want to be transparent and explain you what are the alternatives to EyeAtProduction. So you find out what suits best to you.

1 We define intelligence as the ability to analyse complex conditions and generate accurate information automatically.

Action Camera

Recording of long production videos

  • Simple installation without Integration


Automatic detection of Stops

  • Flexible application without Integration

Vision System

Precise Quality Check Tool

  • Customisation and Integration is required

  • Directly ready to use after purchase

  • Ready to use within minutes without technician

  • Time intensive project requiring on-site installation

  • Medium One-time price of hardware only

  • Cost-effective solutions via subscription

  • Resource intensive project requiring high investment

  • No Quality Check of products

  • Automatic Stop Detection

  • Automatic quality check of products

  • No testing possible, costs upfront

  • Free testing and no upfront costs

  • Sunk costs and no possibility to test

  • No training and inconvenient search for relevant sections in video

  • User friendly without training

  • Workshops and training needed

  • Basic and manual monitoring of production

  • Smart & Fast solution to find production stops
  • Individual solution to monitor most critical production step

Our Recommendations to you:

If you have seldom cases where you want to record a video of your production this is the most suitable solution

You regularly have unplanned and repeating production stops and want to find out fast and easy what caused them, EyeAtProduction is perfect for you.

You want to have complex quality check of your most important production step, you want to invest in a customised solution.