How it works in Practise

The Problem

The production stops and no one knows why the machines stopped working. The troubleshooting to find the error cause takes a lot of time and the machines do not produce in the meanwhile. The operator and production manager are busy with searching for the origin of the stop. Eventually they restart the production process but have not fixed the root cause of the production. That means the same stop could happen again and the production will lose even more valuable time of manufacturing.

The solution

What if you know exactly what happened before the production stopped? A video of the problem would make the troubleshooting much easier. Instead of searching for the fault without knowing what the stop caused, you could watch the short video and find out directly what went wrong and get the production up and running quickly again.

Our software solution EyeAtProduction – Film the Fault gives you exactly this video of all the production stops. The self-learning software analyses the movement of the production and learns within a few minutes the standard production flow. When the production flow stops and the machine stands still, the software highlights this video including the seconds before the stop occurred.

  • You know exactly when it happens

  • You see exactly what happened

How can you get started?

It is very fast and easy to get started with EyeAtProduction. The software application is compatible with any Android Smartphone (5.1 version or newer) and we use the camera, the processing power and the local storage to find the films of the faults. Attach the smartphone at a critical part of your production which you want to monitor. The video of your production is only stored locally on the smartphone and does not get shared with anyone (not even with us).
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  • Ready to use within minutes

  • No Investment in Expensive Hardware

  • Flexible application to different machines

  • No Internet Connection required

The added value for your production

See how much time and costs you could save with EyeAtProduction. In case during one week your production stops 5 times for in average 30 minutes due to unknown stop causes and every hour of stillstand costs you 1.000€. From our experience in one out of three cases the film of the fault gives you the right information to identify the stop cause. Consequently the time saved is 200 minutes per month and the value of the reduced stop time is 3.333€ for only one month or nearly 40.000€ a year.

However, the actual value is multiple times higher because you avoid the stop causes to repeat in the future. Your production gets much more efficient and competitive in the long term!

  • Save time in troubleshooting

  • Improve machine efficiency

  • Save costs in production

  • Fast and Easy to get started

We have Industrial Experience

We at COLMEO have 10 years of experience helping small and big manufacturing companies to improve their production. With EyeAtProduction we want to reach manufacturers to help them keep their production competitive.
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Start without any risk

We let you evaluate EyeAtProduction – Film the Fault for free, the first 14 days. There is no obligation to pay for the service unless it delivers value to your production and you want to keep using it.

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Could a Film of the Fault help you find the stop reason?

To try our solution and we provide you with a free phone holder to get started as soon as possible!

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